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Club Fitting

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Club Fitting is an integral part of peak performance and the Ackerman Academy can properly and effectively tune your equipment to maximize your performance. Every component of your set can be thoroughly fitted to make your game perform at your highest level!

Utilizing Trackman at the Ackerman Academy helps understand and measure attack angle along with other variables to optimize the club fitting process to best match an individuals swing. The properly fitted driver can add as much as 30 yards to your tee shot. TrackMan also helps during the fitting process by helping the client and fitter understand how far they hit each club in their bag. Rarely do golfers know the exact distance they hit each club in their bag and TrackMan can provide them with meaningful data to highlight opportunities to have the correct set composition.

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Driver Fitting
The driver fitting is designed to optimize driving performance for both accuracy and distance. Our fitters will work with you to find which driver provides the optimal launch conditions best suited to your swing and playing style. The fitter will test and analyze your launch conditions using state of the art launch monitor technology.

The Driver fitting includes:

  • Measurement of current driver
  • Loft, length, swing weight, shaft specifications
  • Swing and Launch characteristics measured
  • Swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, attack angle, length of carry, and total distance
    You will be provided a recommendation of proper model, loft, shaft, shaft weight, shaft flex, and shaft length 

Long Game Fitting
Long game fitting includes fairway and hybrid fittings to determine the proper club combination of fairway woods, hybrids, (utility clubs) and long irons that will allow you to achieve playable trajectories at preferred yardage gaps. During the fitting session, the fitter will help you to improve your course management skills by knowing and understanding proper club selection.

The Long Game fitting session includes:

  • Fairway Woods, Utility Clubs (Hybrids), and Longest Iron
  • Measurement of current equipment
  • Loft, length, swing weight, and shaft frequency
  • Swing and launch characteristics measured
  • Fill gaps between the driver and longest playable iron
  • Based on set composition
    You will be provided a recommendation of proper model, shaft, length, and flex based on your specific swing dynamics.

Iron Fitting
The iron fitting session will provide you with the model and club specifications needed to increase distance, control, and accuracy. The fitter will test launch conditions using launch monitor technology. Dynamic fitting techniques will be utilized to fit for head design, length, lie angle, and shaft type (weight and flex). Grip style and size are customized to your specific needs.

The Iron Fitting session includes:

  • Measurements of all current irons
  • Loft, lie, length, shaft weight, and frequency
  • Swing and launch characteristics measured
  • Swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, length of carry, attack angle
  • Adjust current irons to meet your new specifications (if model allows)
    You will be provided a recommendation of proper model, shaft length, and flex based on your swing dynamics.

Wedge Fitting
Proper wedge fitting will let you take advantage of better wedge play and get the ball closer to the pin inside 100 yards. Wedges designed for your swing technique will allow you to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Fitting wedges with the correct loft, lie and bounce will give you the feel and confidence needed to score from any turf or sand condition. Optimizing spin and control allows you to develop consistent yardage gaps leading to better scores.

The Wedge Fitting session includes:

  • Measurements of current wedges
  • Loft, lie, length, swing weight, and frequency
  • Determination of wedge set composition
  • Loft, bounce, sole design, shaft weight, and flex
  • Determine yardage gaps based on full, pitch, chip, short and long bunker shots.
    You will be provided a recommendation for wedge and set combination based on your swing dynamics.

Putter Fitting

  • Baseline analysis of up to two putters
  • Evaluation of player style for putter selection
  • Loft/Lie/Length Adjustment for up to two putters
  • Professional recommendations will include putter profile and prescription report

Full Bag Fitting

  • Combines all five Club Fitting Services into a comprehensive session including the use of our TrackMan Launch Monitor system
  • Sessions can be scheduled separately for convenience.
  • Professional recommendations will include a complete profile and prescription report for every club in your bag

Golf Ball Fitting
Playing the proper golf ball is as important as playing the correct golf clubs. Golf balls will be tested using launch monitor technology to determine the proper golf ball model to help you shoot lower scores.

Basic Introductory Fitting
This is an introduction to club fitting for those who have an interest in seeing if club fitting could help improve their golf game, but need an incentive to try it.