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Academy Training

Mike Bender Wedge Test:
Great wedge players know exactly how far their ball flies. The Wedge Range was originally engineered to help Zach Johnson improve his efficiency with his wedges. The Wedge Range is setup with 4ft x 4ft cement blocks at yardages 30 to 100 yards in 10-yard increments. A student receives 100 balls for a record attempt. Starting at the 30-yard block the student hits balls to the target until they land a ball on the target. The student then proceeds to the 40-yard block. The student will either run out of balls or run out of blocks. If the student runs out of balls they record the last block they hit as their record. If the student runs out of blocks they record the number of balls it took to hit all 8 blocks.
PGA Tour Record : Lee Janzen - 38
Ackerman Academy Record:   PGA - Sean Bolduc - 51
                                                     Amateur Boys Junior - Nels Surtani - 48
                                                     Amateur Girls Junior - 




  • Shots hit at targets/zones of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140 160, and 180 yards plus drivers.
  • Upon completion of test, players will receive the following indispensable feedback:
    • Average Distance from the Pin at each targettrackman
    • Average Drive Distance
    • Average Offline for Drivers
    • Score (0-100) for each shot category
    • Percentile Ranking for every shot category
    • Aggregate TrackMan Combine Score

The TrackMan Combine test is especially important for those competitive juniors looking to play high school at a college or beyond!  Testing your current game against the player you want to become serves as a benchmark to how much work you really need to do.   Working on your ball control skills with TrackMan is not only fun, but should become an integral part of your training program.

Ackerman Academy Leader:       Steve Noris - 82.9

                                                       Nels Surtani (12 Years Old) - 82.3

                                                       Austin Vukovits (14 Years Old) - 80.7


Trackman Combine Leaderboard


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MEGSA PPE is designed to let golfers efficiently train so they will be able to "own" a mechanically sound swing. This means they will develop the proper swing mechanics to the point where they become nearly automatic on the golf course. This can only occur after many repetitions using the correct motion.

When golfers practice without the MEGSA PPE stations, it is much more difficult to know whether or not they are making the correct motion. With MEGSA PPE the golfer can be sure that every practice swing is helping to build a more reliable motion. Best of all, because of the MEGSA PPE's adjustability, it works for every golfer's physique and every teacher's swing methodology.